Joost Haugmark Jensen

Project Consultant

Joost has a background in economics, international trade and development. He holds a master’s degree of Agricultural Economics, and a bachelor in International Business and Politics. Joost has an international profile, with a year working and studied abroad, in Belgium, Australia and the Netherlands. During his studies, Joost has focused on developing country aspects of climate change, technology transfer and agricultural development. During studies and internships Joost has secured a sound background knowledge of the EU institutions, and policies related to climate change, research and innovation. He has experience as a project manager and fundraiser from a solar energy SME, where has worked for two years with innovation and development of new products, with successful application of seven different grants, including Innobooster. The projects were supported by soft money, so Joost has an all-round insight in raising, applying and administrating Danish innovation grants for renewable energy. Joost has followed Horizon2020 with keen interest since the launch in 2013, where he has focused on the SME-instrument. So Joost has experience with innovative SME needs and grant opportunities.